DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google Versus Google AdSense

A Guide To Display Advertising And Programmatic Ad Exchanges

Google AdSense DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google
Inventory includes all Google AdSense advertisers Inventory includes all Google AdSense advertisers plus thousands of other online advertising networks
Google AdSense advertisers bid to appear on your website All networks in programmatic ad exchange engage in real time bidding for each impression on your website raising the CPM of each visitor
Maximum 3 advertisements per page Maximum 5 advertisements per page and up to three Google AdSense advertisements.
Webpage must contain significant text content Ads may be placed on pages with content such as images with limited text content
Advertisers set your CPM by bidding up your prices You can set a CPM price floor and only accept advertisers who exceed that floor. Google AdSense advertisers can be used as backfill when no higher paying ad is available

DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google

What Is The DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google?

The Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a programmatic real-time bidding system that connects publishers to online advertising agencies, online advertising networks, and third-party technology providers. In simple terms, it allows online advertisers from thousands of advertising networks to bid on each impression on your website individually through Google’s programmatic ad exchange.

Because more online advertisers are bidding on each impression the DoubleClick yield-management platform allows publishers to obtain the best price on every ad impression.

Maximize Your CPM Rates Through Programmatic Bidding

So how does it all work? Google DoubleClick’s programmatic ad exchange finds the highest qualified offer in real time using advanced ad-server logic. Every potential ad buyer across all online advertising networks in the DoubleClick ecosystem compete for your ad space for every single impression.

This programmatic ad exchange results in more competition, higher bids, and increased revenue. In fact, DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google has the highest fill rate in the online advertising industry.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advanced display advertising network which uses smart algorithms to maximize the revenue generated by a publisher’s advertising inventory while simplifying the process of maintaining that inventory.

Display Advertising Made Simple & Easy

Google AdSense was designed to be easy to implement for even the most novice website owners while still being flexible enough for businesses with advanced or changing needs.

Google AdSense contains a number of built-in innovations that boost the demand for your unsold advertising space. It also contains five built-in levels of screening to protect your user’s experience on your website.

Comparing DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google Versus Google AdSense

Think about it like this, on the Google AdSense display ad network you can access all of the online advertisers who have signed up for Google AdSense. However, on the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange, you can reach not only all of the online advertisers on Google AdSense but also thousands of other display advertising networks who compete for your advertising space in a programmatic real-time bidding (RTB) ad exchange.

With DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google, you can sell every one of your website’s impressions at the highest CPM rate possible through the programmatic bidding engine and earn more money than you could by only selling to Google AdSense display advertisers.

With Google AdSense, publishers are limited to just three ad units per page and face strict regulations on typed content on the page. With Google DoubleClick publishers are able to place 5 advertisements on a page and receive more flexibility with non-text content such as images.

Which Is Better For Display Advertising? DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google or Google Adsense?

Many website owners ask us which is better for their display advertising inventory, DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google or Google Adsense. However, this question assumes the two are mutually exclusive – which they aren’t. To maximize your website’s profits you should use both.

Here’s how it works. DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google lets you set a price floor for your ad units. If a display advertiser doesn’t bid at least your minimum their advertisement won’t be displayed. This allows you to control the price of the advertisements that appear on your website. You want to set your price floor high enough that you maximize your CPM price but not too high that no display advertisers will advertise on your site.

However, by maximizing your CPM price you will eventually find that some of the impressions on your website don’t get filled because the price is too high for the advertisers bidding on that impression in the programmatic ad exchange. The solution is to backfill with Google AdSense display banners.

When you do this you maximize your CPM’s by opening your display ad units to competition from all of the networks on the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange while guaranteeing an advertisement will always be shown.